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Skill Based Gaming Law

Skill based gaming law – Games that depend on skill are socially accepted and completely legal in most of the countries. Hence they are commercially interesting for many companies worldwide. Card Games, Board Games and for a few decades Computer Games are widely available both off- and online. Since there is no money involved (except on first purchase) skill based gaming law is hardly necessary.

Popularity of skill based gaming comes with the ability for anybody to improve their skills and get better at the game one is playing. Multiplayer games (which most of the traditional skill-game are) have the element of competition that attracts players. Whilst with the ‘newer’ computer games one mainly competes against the software. Unless it is a multiplayer game like the best selling computer game Minecraft.  Or the popular football games like the entire FIFA series and Car race simulation games.

But time and games change, hence skill based gaming law is changing to.

New generations demand new games. Hence the casino industry is developing ‘skill based casino games‘. Opposed to traditional Games of Chance the player can actually influence the outcome of games by applying skills.  A combination of luck, chance and skill make these games very interesting and for sure the coming years we will see most of the traditional casino games replaced by skill based casino games.

The player is no longer depending of pure luck and the outcome of the Random Number Generator to be able to win a game. Like with all skill games performance can improve by playing more often en thus sharpen your skills.

Do you think you got the skills required to win with these brand new and exciting games? Why not give it a try and click on the picture below and show your skills!

skill based casino games

*As the outcome of these games are a combination of luck, chance and skills new skill based gaming law was required. Several countries have developed (or are developing)  new legislation and regulations for these type of games.


Traditional game consoles still work with the principal of a one time payment. Popular games consoles like:

  • Nintendo Wii, NES and newly released Switch
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Microsoft  XboX

are all skill games based and besides the initial purchase of the console and additional games no payments are required. Hence there is no legislation available about these types of skill games.

skill games consoles


Board games, dice games, card games most of them are purely for entertainment and based on skill. Hence gaming law does not apply to these games. We all have played them and will keep on playing those skilled based games as they are fun to play and they keep the brain sharp.

These kind of skill games are widely available and like the computer games legislation isn’t necessary when played in the family atmosphere or at non commercial gatherings of groups.

skill board games

*Obviously there is the exception for card and dice games that can be played for real money in a casino. Blackjack, Poker and Craps to name a few.

The difference between chance-based games and those that require skills?

  • When playing Games of skill the player in order to achieve the best performance needs skills. There are several types of skills like; strategical thinking, fast movement of hands, feet or brain, strength or a certain expertise can be qualified skills.
  • Games of chance are those games were the outcome mainly depends on random chance or uncertainty. Online the chance is generated by a random number generator. Samples are dice- and card games and slots.
  • Sometimes the results of games of chance can be manipulated by skill like Poker. Vice versa games of skill can also partial depend on a bit of chance. Hence sometimes the difference between skill gaming legislation and the law for skill gambling can be difficult to identify.

Skill casino games

Gambling with skills is the newest feature in online casinos. Lack of lucky isn’t an issue anymore. Just sharpen your skills and you could be winning to!

skill based gaming

Applying the Predominance Test

Game developers are familiar with the “Predominance test‘. The test is used to define game of chance based on simple logic. When in the game is the player able to influence the outcome by using skills, knowledge or strategies. Samples of games that are mainly won by a good skill-set are Chess and the likes.

The test repeatedly registers outcome of game-play based on input and strategical decisions of the participating players. Measuring frequency of wins decides whether the game is based on skill or chance. When the handling en decisions of the player have no influence on the end-result, like with slots or roulette games for example, the test proofs chance.


What Elements are proved with the Material Test

Skills is not the only factor that can determine the outcome whilst playing a game of skill. Sometimes the player is forced to take a decision based on guessing. Nevertheless the main contribution to the outcome of the game is still skill. The element of chance can play a material role in the outcome.

Minesweeper is on of the games where the skills of the players playing the gaming is predominant in comparison with chance. Still during the game there are situations where guessing is the base for the next decisions made. Although in general skill is leading, chance contributes too

Skill based gaming law and regulation

skill based gaming lawTogether with a new set of games of skill landing in casinos worldwide lawyers are working overtime. All with one question in their mind; “How can we add paid games of skill legally in casinos?“.  Meanwhile thinking; “Players need a chance, the Random Number Generator needs to part and player-skills can influence the game…

Skill based games are fundamentally different than the traditional casino games of chance. The definition of games of chance consist of three elements;

  1. participants can win cash money or a prize;
  2. to be able to participate and win the player needs to pay an ‘entrance/participation’ fee;
  3. the outcome of the game is always determined on the basis of chance

Traditional casino games are for 99% based on chance. There are strict regulations for gambling since the early 1900’s. New type of games require new legislation. When combining skill and chance a whole new concept is born. Legal specialist all over the world are writing new skill gaming legislation together with Gaming Authorities.

The USA, United Kingdom and common gambling jurisdictions like Alderney, Gibraltar and the Canadian Kahnawake were leading and since early 2016 skill based gaming law is in place in many countries, So you can enjoy skill based gambling too!