Roulette Skills: Master the Wheel with These Proven Tips for Better Winnings

Roulette Skills – Online roulette is a thrilling game of chance that combines luck with certain skills to maximize winning potential. While some might consider roulette to be purely a game of luck, there are actually several skills that players can use to enhance their chances of winning.

From understanding different types of bets to setting budgets, managing winnings and losses, and sticking to a strategy, players can transform roulette from a simple game of chance to a skill game. By combining their roulette skills with a bit of luck and their lucky numbers, players can increase their chances of winning and make the most out of their online roulette experience

A short introduction to Online Roulette

As mentioned in our heading text, online roulette is a very popular casino game. Since 1996 the game is also available to play on the internet. It is a virtual version of the traditional table game played in brick-and-mortar casinos.

But, like almost everything nowadays is has the added convenience of playing it remotely (and use your skills at the roulette table) from anywhere you are in the world. You can use your tablet, desktop or mobile and in a few clicks you “take a seat” and apply your roulette skills at table in the world.

The sole objective of the game is to correctly predict where the ball will land. This will be on the numbered pockets on the spinning wheel.




Here are the basics of online roulette:

  1. The roulette wheel: This huge shiny wheel is the centerpiece of the game. It consists of numbered colored pockets (Red, Black and Green) where the ball can land. American roulette has 38 of these colored pockets (1-36, 0, and 00) The European version however just has 37 pockets (1-36 and 0).
  2. The bets one can place: Players place their bets on one of the numbered pockets where they think the ball will land on the wheel. There are several types of bets possible when playing online roulette. The most commonly placed bets are the inside- and outside bets. Each bet comes with its own odds of advantage of the house or winning.
  3. The spinning of the roulette wheel: Once all bets have been placed at the table, the wheel is spun by the “croupier“. After a few full spins of the wheel the ball is released by the croupier leading the game. The ball will eventually come to rest in one of the numbered pockets. Depending on the number (or color) chosen you either win or loose.
  4. Winning and paying out: If the ball lands on the pocket that you have predicted, you win and are paid out according to the odds of the bet. If the ball lands on a different pocket, you lost your bet.
  5. The odds are variable: The odds of winning in online roulette depend on the type of bet placed, your roulette skills and the number of pockets on the wheel. We will explain more about the odds, the house edge and how to use them in this article. Understanding the odds can help players make informed decisions and increase their chances of winning.

The above mentioned are the simple basics of online roulette. With these fundamental roulette skills in mind you could start to play as there really is not much more one need to know for now. Once you can begin to understand the game fully it would be wise to learn and develop strategies to make sure you chances of winning might be better.

Roulette Skills – Lucky numbers or Trained Skill?

There are various strategies and skills that players can use while playing roulette. By applying those one hopes to increase the odds turn out more in favor of the player. But one should never forget that luck plays a major role when betting on online roulette or other online games of chance. As luck can not be influenced we will focus on skills one can/need to apply when one want to be able to win more often.

Some of these roulette skills include:

  1. Understanding the different types of bets: As we wrote already, there are several types of bets in roulette. Understanding the different types of bets and their respective odds will help you the player an advantage over those who don’t understand the bets.
  2. Setting a budget: It is important to set a budget before playing roulette and stick to it. This will help to avoid losing more money than one can afford.
  3. Managing winnings and losses: All players should always manage their winnings and losses by cashing out the winnings on time! Only continuing to play with original stakes. This helps avoid losing all winnings when the “heat at the table” gets higher and higher.
  4. Sticking to a strategy: Choose a betting strategy that suits your style of play and stick to it. This helps you stay focused and avoid making impulsive decisions that could lead to losses.
  5. Being aware of the house edge: Be aware of the house edge, which is the advantage that the casino has over you, the player. Knowing the house edge when applying your roulette skills can help make informed decisions about the type of bets they place and the amount of money you bet.

“Marry Lady Luck” at the Best Roulette Casinos in Las Vegas and Macao

Playing skill games online is great! However for sure it is not a surprise to you that roulette is one of the most popular and exciting games in Las Vegas and Macao too. These are two of the world’s top gambling destinations and to play roulette in real life is even more exicting than to play online.

If you’re a fan of roulette or planning a trip to either city, continue reading as we provide the best Vegas and Macao has to offer for your roulette skills.

Top 3 Roulette Casinos in Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is known for its luxurious casinos and vibrant nightlife. For sure you will understand it’s no different when it comes to roulette. Exprience the thrill, excitement and use your roulette skills in some of the most famous roulette casinos in Las Vegas:

  1. Bellagio: This iconic Las Vegas casino, famous for its stunning fountains, elegant decor, and top-notch gaming experience. offers a wide range of roulette games. Including, but not limited to, American, European, and French roulette. And for exprienced plaers (so called Hig Rollers) there are high-limit tables available as well.
  2. The Venetian: With its stunning Italian-inspired architecture, The Venetian is one of the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas. Some spectaculair oulette games can be found here. which can be played in a lively atmosphere, Besides gambling a range of dining and entertainment options are offered too.
  3. Wynn: The Wynn is another of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos. The Wynn is known for its elegant decor,superb casino games, restaurants and live shows. The Wynn has all the regular roulette games as well as Asian- and South-American variations.
roulette skills las vegas
Tried your Skills at Roulette Casinos in Las Vegas?

Famous Roulette Casinos in Macao:

Macao, also known as the “Las Vegas of Asia,” is a small special administrative region of China. It is famous for its casinos and gambling culture. Make sure when you plan a trip to Hong-Kong or Macao to visit the top drie casinos in Macao:

  1. The Venetian Macao: This casino, a spin-off of The Venetian in Las Vegas. It offers a range of roulette games, including electronic roulette, as well as live dealer games like mahjong for money! It’s known for its stunning architecture, wordl record holding gamefloor, luxurious decor, and range of dining and entertainment options.
  2. City of Dreams: City of Dreams is another of Macao’s most famous casinos that really can make your dreams come through. You will be surprised when visiting this caasino, so we won’t give away to much but all roulette players should try their roulette skills at the City of Dreams. (Ps. THey offer regular live poker tournaments too!)
  3. Wynn Palace: The Wynn Palace is a branch of the Vegas one. like the Venetian built extremely luxurious. This is our number three when it comes to play roulette in Macao.
Any Luck at the Roulette Tables in Macao?

Las Vegas and Macao are two of the world’s top gambling destinations. Both are home to some of the most famous roulette casinos in the world. Whether you prefer to test your roulette skills at the luxurious atmosphere of The Venetian or the cutting-edge technology of City of Dreams, there’s something for every fan of roulette in these two cities.

So why wait, plan your trip and and try your luckand roulette skills at one of these top roulette casinos on your next trip to Las Vegas or Macao.

Top 5 Questions about Roulette!

Finding a foolproof (or guaranteed winning strategy) for roulette is next to impossible. Yet there are are a few common betting strategies used by professional players in casino's around the world:

  1. Martingale: This is a popular and easy to learn betting system. In short you double your bet after each loss. The aim of the Martingale betting system is recouping all previous losses. At one point you will place a winning bet, hence your total will be higher than your previous losses.
  2. Fibonacci: discovered by Leonardo Bonacci this "sequence" is used to place bets strategically by following the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.), As you will recognise each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. When you have lost a bet, your next bet is guided by the number on the right in the sequence. Won your bet? You move two steps to the left!
  3. D'Alembert: Another strategy that famous roulette players use both online and in real life. Here it is important to understand that after a win, you are more likely to lose, and after a loss, you are more likely to win. Hence iit is advised to increase your bet by one after a loss, and decrease it by one after a winning spin.

But let's be clear, it's important to note that these betting systems don't change the game's odds in your favor. You have to realize that using a strategy when playing roulette can quickly lead to significant losses!

No, to our knowledge there is no known formula that could predict a guarantee win at the roulette table. As mentioned, the outcome of each spin is determined by gravity, speed, chacne and/or a random number generator. Therefore making it impossible to predict in which pocket the ball will land eventually. Applying the above mentioned strategies however could possibly lower the house-edge. If applied carefully and wisely they might even lead to wins on the longer run. However, formules to either calcluate or predict the path of the boulette (little ball at roulette) do not excist as far as we are aware.

Well first you need to understand that every bet is a risk. Roulette is a game of chance remember?! But approaching it matthematically the safest bets (in terms of probability of winning) are the even-money bets. Their pay-out is 1:1. Samples of even bets are: betting on red or black, even or odd numbers, or high or low numbers (1-18 or 19-36). According to math you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

Obviously there is a down side to placing these bets too... whilst the best are safer than other bets the pay-outs are equally lower as you will understand. Higher risk bets simply pay out much more.

In theory each number on a roulette wheel has an equal chance on any given spin. Over an infinite number of spins, each number would (wlle at least should!) come up approximately the same number of times. Having said that, due to statistical variation -meaning from the expected average- short-term deviations can occur.

So in the longer run, the distribution of numbers at roulette should be close to even. Statiscally each number should be coming up about 2.7% of the times when playing  European roulette. For those who play American roulette this will be 2.6%. This is casued by the extra pocket with the number 00 on the American roulette wheel.