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Skills Gambling – Are you ready for the latest in gambling… using your skills to win with gambling. Sounds like a dodgy theory that promises the world but delivers nothing not? Well it is actually true, use your skill when take a gamble is the new kid on the block. Can you imagine, games that you are able to win by using your trained skills. Is the era of games of chance definitely over…  well it’s about to be not?!


For sure have you have read about skills and heard it all about gambling too, so you really are;

  • tired of hearing about that “one perfect skill strategy” that supposedly really, really works
  • sick of hearing about amazing winner stories that you can’t verify anywhere on the internet
  • finished  with all those expensive e-books about skilled systems that cost you money but don’t make you any
  • fed up with Lady Luck as she is never there where you are…

Well it might just be that it is your turn now to be the one winning with casino games online. With the newly released games, that require skills instead of luck, everybody can learn to win and so be a potential winner with relying on faith or luck.

Keep on reading and be surprised!

game heist
Skills gambling at it’s best. Open the safe to riches by answering the questions right. More knowledge turns into more money. With questions starting fairly easy the game builds up to levels that can be difficult.

All questions can be answered by players from all over the world as topics are global. Make sure to answer the questions on time cause to late or wrong sets off the alarm and makes you lose your winnings. So make sure you use your skills wisely and combine them with a bit of luck.

Although the Heist is one of very first skill games of it’s kind in online casinos we can strongly recommend to try it out. Be one of the first to win money with skills. Extra tip for cheaters: You can use Google or any site you can search on whilst playing but you need to be fast!

try skills gambling

game Gears of Fortune
Turning the big clog and answering questions is the aim of the game in Gears of Fortune. Every spin you will land on a symbol which either rewards you with a question or… with a hazard symbol. Receive to many hazards and you die, game over!

However if you are able to collect a range of symbols you will win big money.  But it doesn’t stop there yet. When you land on a key icon you will be asked a question. Answer them correct and you will ad money to your prize-pot.

winning symbolMake sure to focus on the symbol we are showing on the left here. As this one gives you a whooping 800% pay-out the highest in this skill game. There a 5 other symbols that earn you money but they are not so generous as the one on the right.

Extra tip: Want the software to determine the outcome? Just wait,  the spinning stops automatically after 10 seconds!

try skills gambling

This is a game for those who love to puzzle with words. Don’t forget with this skills game you can make money too. Just put all the letters on the right spot to make the right word. The fastr you are able to figure it out the more bingo-balls you earn.

Dab your numbers right and make sure to get more by winning the magic balls. You got four rounds per game to put all letters in the right other and solve the winning word.

If you have the best skills this game has a ridiculous high pay-out of 95% for those who reach 4 x 10 balls. But even with lesser skills (assuming we all have to start somewhere)  you still are able to achieve great returns. So combine skill and chance! Extra tip : If you are able to make it all the way to the Full House you win 50000%!

try skills gambling

diamond deals
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend is a famous song. But in reality this is true too. What better gift then this precious stone for the one you love (or yourself!). Maybe you win enough money with this game of chance. All you have to do is select the right boxes that contains diamonds. But be careful, chasing Diamonds can be a dangerous challenge as picking the wrong box costs you one of your precious lives.

The more Diamonds you collect the higher the prize you can cash-out. Find ten on a row and you are the lucky winner of the Jackpot.

try skills gambling

Here are some tips on how to apply skills to casino games:

  1. Know the game rules: Before playing any casino game, make sure you understand the rules and how the game is played. This will help you make informed decisions and give you an edge over others who may not be as familiar with the game.
  2. Manage your bankroll: One of the most important skills in online casino gaming is managing your bankroll. Decide on a budget for your gaming session and stick to it, this will help you avoid overspending and keep you in control.
  3. Learn basic strategies: For games like blackjack, there is a basic strategy that can be learned and applied to increase your chances of winning. Study the strategy and try to apply it consistently when playing.
  4. Pay attention to the odds: Understanding the odds in different games is crucial in maximizing your chances of winning. Make sure you understand the odds of the games you’re playing and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  5. Stay focused and avoid distractions: It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of casino gaming, but it’s important to stay focused and avoid distractions. This will help you make better decisions and keep you in control of the game.

By following these tips about using your skills, you can increase your chances of winning in casino games and improve your overall gaming experience.

skill – “skil”
the ability to do something well; expertise.

Google’s definiton of being  skilled. Unfortunately it does not maat how great your skills are when playing games of chance. Outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator and therefore your skills are useless when gambling.

gam·ble – “ˈɡambəl”
gerund or present participle: gambling play games of chance for money; bet.

Gambling has everything to do with chance and luck as we all know. But is that really true. When do “games of chance” become skillgames and would those games still be dependent of luck?

chance – “CHans”
a possibility of something happening

If you never take a chance you chances to get lucky depends on one thing, pure luck.  But you can also take a chance and sharpen your skills.

luck – “lək”
success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

This is how Google defines “luck”. It is the one thing we all need when we play games of chance.  It doesn’t matter how skilled you are without luck you most probably loose.



There is a good chance that you might be winning with Poker if you are lucky enough to be the one with the best gambling skills…


red card game
game epic gems

Skills Gambling the future for all casinos

Online casinos have realized that the new generation of players that play online games for real money does not want to participate in a game where the player has no control. A “fair chance” to be able to win is the new guideline for casinos both land-based and online.

To achieve that there needs to be an element of skill in new game releases. The element which provides partial control. If one is skilled enough one can win more money than the one that comes to the table unprepared. This way the player has a chance to get better whilst mastering the game. Skills games like Mahjong or Backgammon for example are great games to play online for money. But for those games there is more needed than “a bit of luck,. These games require practice and training to become a skilled player. Are your skills up to par?!


Winning a game of skill is easy, you simply need to be the best. It can be any game if you have the best skills your chances of winning increase drastically. There is still no guarantee that you will win but the odds are in your favor.

But even when gambling on games of skill, ” luck ” is involved.



Winning games of chance is pure luck. There is nothing you can do to influence the outcome. All results are ad-random. In theory, you could lose a hundred times on a row. Which also means… you could also win 100 bets in a consecutive row.

But how likely is that going to happen? Play for fun, winning is a bonus!


Skills Gambling is combining the best of two worlds, skill and chance. You can train and master a game but there is still a chance you don’t know an answer, receive the wrong card or pick the wrong number. Skilled gambling however always gives you better odds than traditional gambling.  Want to win? Start Gambling with Skills!

The rise of Gambling with Skills explained

In the old days gambling was purely based on chance. A player had no influence on the outcome of a game and the house-edge was always in favor of casinos and gambling-houses. For hundreds of years the basic principles of the games stayed untouched (look at a simple card-game like Patience Solitaire for example). In real life, a dealer or mechanical machine (traditional slots) is responsible for the results and a Random Number Generator online. Both ways the outcome is always the same, you either win, draw or lose.

In the 80-ties game console appeared and whole generations were raised with a controller in their hand and a game-station connected  to their television or desktop. These games required skill. In order to be able to defeat the machine or your opponent, you needed to develop your skills. The one with the best skills would win 99 out of a hundred times.

But with skill-games you can’t win money. Obviously, there is the odds tournament where to winner goes home with a prize pot. There are countries where skill game players earn a professional living, but that is only for a very small minority. You could not just walk into a casino and win money by using your skills… till 2016!

Casinos change their portfolio and add skill games

There were actually three different reasons that casino realized they had to change their approach to gambling.

  1. new generations didn’t like the traditional slot and table games were ones has no influence on the results
  2. the ban on gambling and online casinos in the USA required a new way of developing games
  3. figures in the industry showed that a new approach was required, traditional games were losing attraction

With that knowledge game developers all over the world were searching for new ways to make games of chance attractive. But not only that they also were trying new ways to enter the US and other illegal markets again.

Adding skill to chance, a winning combination!

It seems to be the perfect combination playing online Skill games for money, Chance and Gambling. There are millions of players that would never set foot in a casino just because they could only play games of chance. An equal number of people spread out over the world would never visit a casino if only skill games were available. So what to do…

Combining both of the best worlds seems to be the golden idea. The avid gamblers that just want to play games of chance can still visit any casino they like. The gamer that wants to use his skills combined with gambling can visit the casino now too.

Skills gambling based games for online casino’s are the future!